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Do you know that, not washing diapers daily is a mistake. Diapers that sit in the diaper pail for more than a day start to smell, take longer to come clean, and stains set. Ammonia builds up so the laundered diapers will have a weird smell when baby wets, and your baby may get diaper rash. So...if your baby suddenly developing diaper rash after some times using cloth diaper and you are very sure that, it is not because of material or detergent allergy. Try changing your laundry routine by washing the diaper daily, you may be suprised that the situation will improve tremendously.

09 June 2010

Another tips to wash your cloth diapers

Twelve ways to clean, wash and dry your cloth diapers.

 (sources: Farhana Fadzil)
One of the most important things about cloth diapering is that we need to care for them well. If you want your cloth diapers to last you a long time, you  really have to learn how to clean, wash and dry them the right way. This way, your cloth diapers may last your baby from newborn until he’s 3 years old, or even reuse them for your next babies, resold, or given away! That’s what we call value and saving costs right? :)

Here are some tips about cloth diaper care:
  • Make use of the bright Malaysian sun! Drying in the sun can help remove stains naturally.It’s free too!
  • Prewash your cloth diapers: Minimum 1-2 times for new CDs before using to ensure adequate absorbency.
  • Don’t use fabric softener or bleach (Clorox): It will spoil the fibers of the cloth diapers.
  • Hang your diapers to dry: To ensure it retains its shape.
  • Wash cloth diapers properly! Use the right kind of soap and washing cycle
  • Don’t use diaper cream with cloth diapers: It can leave stains on the diaper, unless you use a special type of cream for CDs
  • Learn the right way to wash your cloth diapers before you start CD-ing. This is to avoid stripping (act of removing stains on CDs that will spoil your CDs faster).
  • Be careful of the soaps/detergents used with cloth diapers: You don’t want to disintegrate or spoil the fibers. (A US detergent guide -I hope someone can come out with a Malaysian list :( )
  • Ensure cloth diapers dry properly: Or you will get a smelly damp smell on them.
  • Clean out the washing machine: Remove build up and dirt that will stick to your cloth diapers. Once in a while, use vinegar, baking soda with hot water and let it run in the machine once or twice.
  • Use vinegar to help control smells: It also helps to remove stains
  • Lemon juice: Can also be used as a natural stain remover for cloth diapers.

“Do you think it is okay for me to wash my baby’s Cloth Diapers and clothes together in the washing machine? I usually just dump everything at the same time”
In my opinion… IDEALLY, Cloth Diapers should be washed on its own, and separate from baby’s clothing.
  • Cloth Diapers might have poop on them and it might be unhygenic and unsafe to wash them together with baby’s clothes.
  • Baby’s skin might develop rashes or allergic reactions if they wear the baby’s clothes which has poop residue.
  • Also, Cloth Diapers and baby’s clothes might require different type of detergents for each.
  • For example, you might wash the baby clothing with normal detergent (which might contain anti-bacterial properties, includes softener, bleach, etc).
  • However, when washing Cloth Diapers, detergents used should be FREE from enzymes, softeners, additives & bleach. So don’t mix those two together and use the wrong type of detergent which can ruin yo diapers!

If you don’t have much time to wash Cloth Diapers and baby clothes separately:
  • Run your Cloth Diapers under Rinse, then Spin cycle on your washing machine (or rinse VERY well with running water, and remove as much water as possible if you prefer to do it by hand).
  • Then you can wash them together with your baby’s clothes (Just load baby’s clothes in the machine after the above is done).
  • The first steps will remove the poop away from the Cloth Diapers (not entirely, but most of it at least).
  • Make sure you use suitable detergent for washing Cloth Diapers!
  • Note: If your baby is exclusively breastfeeding, the poop is easier to come off from the Cloth Diapers (because the poop is soluble in water), compared to baby’s poop who is fed solid foods.
You might agree or disagree with me on this. Although, if you’ve washed Cloth Diapers with your baby’s clothes before and it works just fine… I don’t see why you should not continue with that routine. However, keep these things in mind next time! :)
QUESTION: Do you wash your Cloth Diapers together with baby’s clothes and it works out for you (no rashes/allergic reactions)? Or do you always separate the two?

Moldy Diapers...Help!!

Source : Bamboolite
It is rainy seasons, and we know some of you are battling with moldy diapers. Mildew/mold will grow if diapers are kept in damp condition. The humid climates encourage mildew to grow. If you are not doing laundry on daily basis you may hang dry the diapers while waiting for laundry. Also check the bucket that is used for keeping diapers. Mold in the bucket may get transferred to the diapers.
As for the mold spot, you will need to treat it as soon as possible so that it will not get spread further.
For mildew spots:
Mixture of 2 part of salt with 1 part of lemon juice (pure and un-dilute). Mix into a paste and rub onto the mildew spots (soaker must be clean and dry). Let it sit directly under sun until it totally dry. Wash with detergent. This should kill the mildew to prevent it to spread further. The stain will get faded but may not totally be removed. To remove stain, it may take some times. You can repeat the same method for few times, or sun dry directly under hot sun. The stain will be getting less after go through many washes. But it will not harm your baby skin, as the lemon juice + salt solution has killed the mold.
Hope it helps!


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