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Do you know that, not washing diapers daily is a mistake. Diapers that sit in the diaper pail for more than a day start to smell, take longer to come clean, and stains set. Ammonia builds up so the laundered diapers will have a weird smell when baby wets, and your baby may get diaper rash. So...if your baby suddenly developing diaper rash after some times using cloth diaper and you are very sure that, it is not because of material or detergent allergy. Try changing your laundry routine by washing the diaper daily, you may be suprised that the situation will improve tremendously.

19 March 2014

QQ Baby (Bamboo )

Limited QQbaby Bamboo Charcoal Inner with 2pcs Bamboo cotton insert
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Normal Price : RM32
Our Price : RM26

QQBaby With Bamboo Charcoal Inner 
Inner easy to dry(for bamboo charcoal)
Inner bamboo velour : Suitable for sensitive skin.
Insert : Good absorbency

QQbaby bamboo cloth diapers are soft and beautiful one size cloth diaper with silky  super absorbent fabric is truely inresistible! Our bamboo baby cloth diapers are specially design and made with love to bring you the best for your baby.

For the usage, we suggest you to change your baby cloth diaper every 2-3 hours during the day for maximum comfort and rash prevention. You may adjust the time according to your baby's needs. 

Pocket diapers are highly rated as one of the diapers for its convenience advantage,  recommend for babysitter, grandparents and Dad to use.
QQ Baby Cloth Diaper can be used anytime - bedtime, naptime, or outings

【Brand】QQ Baby
【Level】First-class products
【Sizes】Folding  (adjustable S, M, L 3 sizes) 

QQ Baby Bamboo Diaper cover has a layer of bamboo fibers sewn to its waterproof cover.

The outside fabric is made with 100% polyster of minky cloth ensures no messy. It plays a good waterproof role, and it is vert soft that makes baby comfortable.
·        Unique design of 3x3 button snap, easy to adjust different size for any age of baby weight 3-15kg
·        Special design of extra rows of snaps on snap closure diaper ensure a trim and increase adjustability. 
·        Come with super absorbent 4 layers Bamboo Cotton insert
·        Soft Bamboo Fiber Inner to make baby feel good
·        Waterproof of outer PUL to prevent leakage
·        This product is a washable, adjustable, economic use of the baby green diapers Diaper   
【Wash Instruction】
·        Wash diapers prior to first use to remove residues left behind from fabric manufacture.
·        If the diaper has been soiled, rinse into a bucket and then tip bucket contents down the toilet and flush.
·        Do not use bleach or fabric softeners.
·        Tumble dry on the warm weather. 
【Special Features of Bamboo Cloth Diaper】
·        Hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and anti-static
·        Ultra soft and cozy for baby
·        Naturally resists odor keeping your baby sufer fresh
·        Breathable & temperature regulating so your baby keeps cool all day long
·        Free of chlorine and formaldehyde
·        Eco-friendly - from a pesticide free, sustainable and renewable resource
·        Naturally UV Protection


Darleena Azizan said...

Available tak CD ni?

Mumsluvbaby said...

Available stock pink leopard, pink white heart, black white dot, Moo Cow, Giraffe, Black speckles, Purple heart, Red Heart

Anonymous said...

Im searching the fruist one please let me know if you have instock!!! Mi email is gio-0315@hotmail.com

Talha SEO said...

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Anonymous said...

ade lagi tak? smurf mushroom, pinky kitty, donald&daisy? how much?

Mumsluvbaby said...

Sorry, habis dahs emua. Stok belum ada di Msia.

Ummi Sufiyan said...

Yg ni bila ad?

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