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Do you know that, not washing diapers daily is a mistake. Diapers that sit in the diaper pail for more than a day start to smell, take longer to come clean, and stains set. Ammonia builds up so the laundered diapers will have a weird smell when baby wets, and your baby may get diaper rash. So...if your baby suddenly developing diaper rash after some times using cloth diaper and you are very sure that, it is not because of material or detergent allergy. Try changing your laundry routine by washing the diaper daily, you may be suprised that the situation will improve tremendously.

12 September 2011


We're now accept payment via Pay Pal!

You're now may use your credit card to pay us via Pay Pal!

No Pay Pal registration fee(its FREE)
for Malaysian you need to pay 3.4% + RM3
How to calculate ?
Example : Total cost is RM100

RM100 x 3.4% = RM3.40
RM100 + RM3.40 + RM3 = RM106.40
So amount to pay via Pay Pal is : RM106.40


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