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Do you know that, not washing diapers daily is a mistake. Diapers that sit in the diaper pail for more than a day start to smell, take longer to come clean, and stains set. Ammonia builds up so the laundered diapers will have a weird smell when baby wets, and your baby may get diaper rash. So...if your baby suddenly developing diaper rash after some times using cloth diaper and you are very sure that, it is not because of material or detergent allergy. Try changing your laundry routine by washing the diaper daily, you may be suprised that the situation will improve tremendously.

20 November 2012

Cozy Babies Printed Bamboo Charcoal Inner


Our Price : RM30

Cozy Babies Printed Bamboo Charcoal Inner(Pocket Style)
Button & Velcro Style
Outer layer : Minky
Insert :
1) 5 layers bamboo charcoal( 2 layers bboo + 3 layers microfibre
2) 3 layers bamboo insert( 1 layer bamboo fabric +2 layers microfleece)
Can fit baby from : 5.5kg - 13kg
Available in Button And Velcro

Button style with extra button at hip to avoid wing drop. 

Updated Stock: Stock as Oct 2013

Button: Robotic,Bird,Dr.Seuss, Cupcakes,Transport, Zoo 
Velcro : Robotic, Bird, Cupcakes, Dr.Seuss,
  • For baby weight 5kg-14kg
  • easy to adjust waist and leg
  • diaper with additional leg gusset for better leakage prevention
  • A good option for the babies who like to open the velcro type diapers themselves(for velcro)
  • Each set comes with 2 inserts as per picture and bamboo charcoal inner
  • soft bamboo charcoal inner make baby feel good and comfortable
  • waterproof PUL outer to prevent leakage(for PUL outer layer)made of 100% polyesther
  • waterproof soft minky outer layer to prevent leakage(for minky outer layer)
Bamboo Charcoal Features:
  • Eco-friendly - from a pesticide free, sustainable and renewable resource
  • Free of chlorine and formaldehyde
  • Hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and anti-static
  • Ultra soft and cozy for baby
  • Naturally odour resistant keeping your baby super fresh
  • Breathable & temperature regulating so your baby keeps cool all day long
  • Bamboo Charcoal fiber releases far infrared ray which can improve blood circulation and keep the body warm
  • Bamboo charcoal fiber can absorb sweat and release it quickly to keep the skin dry and comfortable.
Washing Instruction:
  • Do not use bleach or fabric softeners.
  • wash diapers prior to first-used to remove residues left behind from fabric manufacturer
  • flush the residues from the soiled diapers into toilet, rinse with water.  Soak in a pail(for a while) with recommended detergent or squeeze and put it in dry pail until the next laundry day.
  • do not use bleach or fabric softeners
  • do not blush on the soiled diapers.  It will damage the laminated layer.  It's normal to have yellowish stain.  It will disappear after wash and drying under sun
  • hand wash and machine wash


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Comel-comel je cloth diaper sekarang ni :)

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